Wearing Badge Lanyards and Displaying Your ID Badges

Schools and companies require their students and employees to wear their IDs at all times. Wearing your ID does not only mean complying with your school or company’s requirement, it is also a manifestation of respect and professionalism on your part. That is why it is also important that you think of easy and simple ways of wearing your ID. Some would keep it in their wallet and present their IDs when asked. Some would clip it to their clothes so that it would be more accessible when they need to present it. A simple and convenient way to display your ID badges is by wearing badge lanyards.

These are accessories used to carry and display ID badges with more convenience. It is usually worn around the neck and has an attachment accessory that connects your ID badge to it. There are a variety of badge lanyards that you can choose to wear. From the basic colored lanyards to the custom-printed ones, you will never run out of choices and ideas on what kind you want to wear.

Choosing your own badge lanyard depends on your purpose of wearing the same. There are four primary widths of badge lanyards which also has different features and uses. If you will only be wearing an ID badge just for one time, say in an event or in a trade show, the 1/8” round badge lanyard is the perfect choice for this kind of occasion.

Badge LanyardsIf you want a lanyard that easily detaches from your ID badge, the ¼” round badge lanyard is a great choice. It also has a safety breakaway feature which prevents choking and similar accidents. However, if you just need a basic badge lanyard that is great for everyday wearing, the ¾” flat badge lanyard is all that you need. Lastly, the 5/8” flat badge lanyard is not only great for everyday use but is also a great choice if you want a great-looking badge lanyard.

You can also choose between breakaway and non-breakaway type of lanyards. Breakaway badge lanyards are those which are released from the neck when pulled. It is the safer type of lanyard because it eliminates the risk of choking yourself. It is the perfect choice for use in schools, manufacturing facilities, and other places where one’s safety is the main concern.

On the other hand, non-breakaway badge lanyards are those that do not have a breakaway feature. It is perfect for everyday use and there are different colors and designs that you can choose from. There are also earth-friendly and custom printed kinds of lanyards.

Depending on your personal need, you can also choose what kind of attachment accessory you will use for your badge lanyard. Some common attachments accessories are those badge lanyards with hooks, clips, and rings. Those with the hook attachment accessory are capable of swiveling your ID badge. Those with clips are not capable of swiveling your ID badge, making it always facing forward. You do not have to worry about wearing your ID badge in the proper way because your ID is stuck in a fixed position while you wear your badge lanyard. Those with rings allow you to attach other things with your ID badge such as your keys, and your USB.

Whether you are a student or an employee, wearing badge lanyards to display your ID badge is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to comply with the basic requirement of wearing your ID. You can also show your creativity by customizing your own badge lanyard. It makes your lanyard look nicer while you enjoy wearing the same.