The Uses of a Misting Fan

Insect RepellentMisting fans are known to be the most sought-after cooling equipment during the summer season. However, it was not really invented for human use. These fans are originally used for livestock. Restaurants and other industries adopted the invention. The first misting fans were large. Later on, the bulky fans were modified into varying sizes, including small size. The small misting fans were used at homes while the big ones remain for industrial use as well as for big events. The variation of sizes and the latest innovations made a Misting Fan more useful than other cooling systems. Below are the different uses of misting fans:

Temperature Control

Temperature ControlThis is the most basic use of misting fans. The different cooling equipment can carry out this function as well. Among these equipment, central cooling systems are the best in reducing heat and in increasing the temperature. On the other hand, ceiling electric fans is one of the least efficient in temperature control. A Misting Fan’s temperature control is way better than the usual electric fans though it is still far from the ability of air conditioners and central cooling systems.

Misting fans can increase the temperature of up to 25 degrees. Central cooling systems have a wider range of temperatures to control than misting fans. Ceiling electric fans, as well as other common electric fans, can only distribute the air in a room but it can’t modify the temperature directly. When the warm air is fanned together with cool air, the temperature gets even. As a result, it creates a cooler temperature in the room.

Regardless of the mid-level temperature control ability of misting fans, these still have advantages that the other cooling equipment don’t have. One of these advantages is that you can use these to control temperature of different places. Unlike air conditioners and electric fans, you can use a Misting Fan both inside the buildings as well as outdoors. Depending on the size, these fans can be used for cooling your patio, backyard and poolside.

Ventilation/Air Circulation

When you use electric fans in a room, you have to install exhaust fans for proper ventilation. Otherwise, the warm temperature will just circulate inside the room. On the other hand, misting fans can help in providing proper air circulation in a room. This was made possible by the mist produced by the said cooling equipment. The mist, when distributed, evaporates. This vapor will be cooler than the previous air temperature in the room.

Odor Regulation

One common problem of livestock industrial buildings is the intolerable odor. With the assistance of misting fans, the warm temperature and the repulsive smell are both fanned away. This provides a better habitat for livestock.

Kitchens of restaurants can be smelly as well. An air conditioner is a good option but the usage could be costly. In contrast, a Misting Fan can be used to prevent the smell from staying in the kitchen. This was due to the air distribution and ventilation functions of the misting fans.

Markets, food processing plants, and other industrial plant can take advantage of misting fans to regulate odor too. This can be advantageous in communities in regulating the smell from garbage, sewage, and other stinking things inside and outside the homes.

Dust Reduction

Standard electric fans can spread warm air, odor, and even dust. Dust can be fanned away. However, dust that simply entered the home can remain indoors or even get too the fan itself. Whether dust is from outdoors or indoors, misting fans can prevent them from forming and spreading.

Insect Repellent

During summer, when the air is too warm and the usage of cooling equipment is at its peak, the presence of insects is also great. A Misting Fan is also a solution to this problem. However, it can only repel insects nearby.