Long island residential real estate – Reminders of the Gilded Age

Long island residential real estate are reminders of what has been called the “Gilded Age”. It was a time when businesses acquired enormous growth in almost all industries, for it was the time of the construction of the railroads and the instigation of the labor unions. Proceeding the depression era, there was rapid growth and economic prosperity, most especially in heavy industries like the railroads, coal mining, and factories.

As an effect of the industrialization, the society searched for a way that would create more products in a little amount of time and capital. There was rapid growth of businesses, and a middle class society started to emerge in many areas around America. The higher class, on the other hand, found ways on how to use their newly acquired wealth, and this led them to building great homes in vast areas, such as those that can be seen in Long Island.

The Long island residential real estate usually depicted the styles of architecture that were usually seen in the homes and palaces of European countries.

real estateThey followed the styles of the Renaissance, the Romanesque, and the Rococo, such as the castles that were evident in England. However, the homes that were built in Long Island mostly depicted what is called the Beaux style that was prevalent during that time. For this, they were usually massive and grandiose, with balconies and balustrades, and constructed in stone.

They also have columns, cornices, pilasters, and pediments that are triangular. Inside the building are large arches and a grand stairway, and people entering it usually have the feeling of entering old castles, such as those that are in England. It is like entering into a new world, with symmetrical façade that gives an overly flamboyant bearing, as if expressing the power evident within the corners of the building. There are lavish decorations everywhere, making both the interior and the exterior true expressions of art.Go through li realestatefinder  which is the best option to know property investment solution.

real estatesFor someone visiting the Long island residential real estate for the first time, these architectural edifices appear like the constructions of Greece and Rome during the ancient period. Like the Renaissance style, it professes order and symmetry, although with grandiosity and elaborate adornment both in the interior and the exterior. Many have considered these homes to be ostentatious, but with the wide boulevards and the vast parks that are associated to these homes, they have become one of the best artifacts of architecture.

Nowadays, there are only a number of architectural buildings that demonstrates the time of the gold and jewels, the time of the lavish use of possessions. Long island residential real estate are treasures from the past, capturing the aesthetic principles of Europe’s classical design, giving proofs to what homes were… a number of generations past.