Life Hack: An Alternative Housing Idea you May Never Thought of from

It is year 2016 already and the world has witnessed so many crazy events and ideas turned into realities since time immemorial. Humans have made it to the moon, creatures have been cloned, and GMOs are corporeal and living! Almost everything is possible nowadays including houses made from scrap. Some people can be so creative to the point of crazily innovative.

movable containerWith the cost of lots and housing materials rising every year, our capacity to finance the construction of our ideal home also gets negatively affected. There are, however, several alternatives to housing including the container home. As the name suggests, this alternative housing makes use of portable or shipping containers primarily used for storage. It is done by recycling, modifying and designing a container so that it functions as a house.

How do you exactly make houses out of portable containers? Well, it is up to you. However, the more important question should be: What do I need to know before building a portable container home?

1. Know What Kind of Home you Really Want

While the idea of a portable container home may sound exciting, it may not fulfill the standards you want. Sure, the range of design you can make out of the material is boundless, but if you are the type who looks for a more specialized house like disaster-proof buildings, then this alternative housing idea may just make things extra harder for you. Know first the kind of home you really want then see if a portable container can live up to the challenge.

2. Make Sure that you have Done Enough Research on this Alternative Housing Idea

Before jumping into action, study the things you can do to a portable container, and the local ordinances that may affect your home project as some places have strict and unique rules on housing, and if you are not aware enough, your portable container home may end up not meeting the standard set by the local housing regulations.

3. See the Container/Containers you are Buying and Personally Inspect them

A word of caution: Do not trust companies selling what you want right away. As much as possible, get to see and inspect what you want to buy beforehand. Is it in good condition? Is it worth its price? Make a checklist of what you prefer on a container. Also, if possible, consult a friend or somebody who has experience in this kind of alternative housing.

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When purchasing a container, make sure that it meets the specifications that your home’s design requires. More importantly, it should be mechanically sound and of high quality. We, at MCS, can provide you this kind of container. To know more about what we can offer, give our site,, a visit.

4. Find a Contractor who can Help you with Most (If Not All) of the Work

Having a contractor who can do more than one of the required jobs will save not only your effort, but money, as well. With this, you can negotiate easily and describe the house that you want accurately.

When you know these tips already, things will be smoother. With the container and the contactor secured, all you will have to do next is to produce the documents needed for the project, the materials and equipment for building and the design. How you will modify it into your prospected design will rely on the contractor you will hire.

Once you’re done following the tips, you are all set. Now what you have to do next is have the construction of your container home started, and once it’s finished, get ready to move! This would mean needing the help of another moveable container. Our moveable containers can provide you the storage solutions you need for moving. See our product specifications at

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